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LEVERAGING A.I. DYNAMICALLY Investing Reports Investor Portal

Investing Reports Investor Portal

At Invacio, We've created a dynamic neural network that couples itself directly against systematic tasks to our perform any human element creating a full autonomous environment for our end users, autonomous products and solutions for a autonomous future.

Warren Buffett
Wall Street is the only place in the world where people drive up in Rolls Royces to get financial advice from people who ride the subway.

Aquila is to be a Hedge Fund led by former senior executives from Wall Street, Canary Wharf, and the private wealth management sector. It is owned and operated by Invacio Group. Invacio and Aquila have developed world-class proprietary algorithms embedded in our quantitative, next generation software creations that will make you rethink everything you previously understood about investment strategies. It’s built on top of the most sophisticated Financial AI (Artificial Intelligence) system currently in existence. Leveraging Invacio’s vast store of public and proprietary datasets, it educates and updates itself constantly, scanning for the best opportunities in any kind of market.

Invacio represents an entire and ever evolving digital world of data, processes, platforms, and a machine intelligence tying them all together. All coupled with a solid team of industry professionals who can interpret the intelligence being produced and execute investments with perfect timing. All of this gives Aquila an edge in today’s market and investing opportunities. Aquila represents Investing 2.0

Aquila at a Glance

AI backed hedge fund

Multiple strategies designed to maximize opportunities in all market cycles

* as of January 16, 2018


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Aquila’s primary approach is what’s known in the industry as trend following. Price action dictates our entries, as new trends are established or old ones broken. Trends once established, tend to continue moving in one direction, sometimes for extended periods of time. Not all trends play out, and we expect to have false entries and drawdowns.

This may not be suitable for all types of investors, and we want to be upfront and crystal clear about it. We will enter many trades and take small losses on a large number of these, all so that we can be in the winning trades when the large movements happen. The large movements pay us back for the false entries and go on to provide the returns we are looking for. While most funds dread the Black Swans, we thrive on them, and so will you.


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Stock Direction - 18% Over 0-6 Months | Ticker Accuracy past 10 Projections 0.85%

Stock Forecasts (open to close) for 6/26/2017 -7.32%. Generated 8:02AM ET on 8/28/2017.

Stock Forecast Strength 0.85%

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* Note not 100% accuracy, levels shown against each ticker historically

* Note this period may be over 1 day but within 1 week.

* Predictions are predictions, and there is no guarantee they are correct, please note this is an example and should not be acted upon, and if you do this is on your own decision and responsibility.

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